friday's almost over, i know. BUT since i just recently got my computer fixed (again, THANKS FRED!!) and i've been spending most of my time since then making landon's birthday invites, i'm posting my 'fashionable friday' post a tad bit late. oh well, it's better late than not at all!

i recently purchased myself a new pair of sunglasses. you see, i've never spent more than $15 on sunglasses before and they've always worked out. for a few months. and then the screw falls out never to be found again. or the frames crack. or the coating on the frames starts to peel away and i'm left with a gross-looking pair of glasses. so i made a decision. i was going to use my birthday money on a pair of grown up sunglasses. we loaded up in the car, drove to salem and i found myself in the accessories department of nordstrom's. oh how i love nordstrom's.

i tried on michael, i tried on marc, i tried on armani exchange, i tried on kate spade. i was really hoping to walk away with a pair of michael kors. and i almost did. unfortunately, they had a little too much blingbling on them. i'm not into that. the nice gal that worked the accessories department noticed i kept gravitating toward mr. kors but also kept putting them down and trying on something else. she could see i was stuck. so what'd she do? she introduced me to mr. vince camuto. now, i was a little taken aback. how could i go from michael kors to vince camuto?! i tried a pair or two on, just to humor her when suddenly! i found them. that's right ladies and gents. i had on a pair of vince camuto and i loved them. not just loved, looooved. oh they fit my apple-shaped face just so. AND they were within budget. double points! (and no, i don't have a picture of them on yet.)

so today, i decided to see what else the lovely vince camuto designs. yep, i swooned.

these are just a few of the items that i am currently drooling over.
clockwise from left: susie hobo bag in black // almay whiskey boots in whisky silk goat // snakeskin print chiffon dress // babe canyon brown heels

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