as you know, this last sunday was the academy awards (aka, the oscars). it's that awards show where all the guys and all the gals get dressed up to watch their fellow actors (and sound people, and directors, and costume designers, etc.) win awards for their magnificent work. in honor of said awards, i thought i would do a little post about my favorite dresses seen that night. and a couple not so favorite.
for the favorites, i absolutely loved michelle williams in that coral louis vuitton gown. can you say gorg? i can. and natalie portman? i think she looks beautiful in just about anything she wears but this night i really enjoyed her in a 1954 vintage dior gown. as for stacy kiebler in marchesa? i have to admit, i wasn't a huge fan. i think it was the off the shoulder that i didn't care for. or the color? i'm not sure but something struck me a little funny. however, i put her on here as one of my favorites for the evening since she had george on her arm. that alone would put her on anyone's best-dressed list, i'm sure.  

as for my least favorites, there were only a couple. emma stone happened to be one of my least favorite looks as it seemed to be a litte too nicole kidman-esque from 2007. and i'm sorry but nicole kidman rocked it that year. and angelina jolie in atelier versace was definitely on the bottom of my list. now, i didn't hate the dress, i just didn't like how she posed the way she did in almost every single picture. i mean, i know you've got nice legs and you want to show them off, but c'mon. it was just a little much for my taste.

and before you say anything, i know there were many, many other beautifully-dressed women there like jessica chastain in alexander mcqueen and gwyneth paltrow in tom ford, to name a few. they just fell in the middle of the pack for me this year. who were your favorites for the year? maybe rose byrne in vivienne westwood or milla jovovich in elie saab?


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