in less than three weeks, my little boy will turn one-year-old. that, boys and girls, is crazy. now that my computer is back to it's normal self (no thanks to me!) i was finally able to tackle the birthday invitations for his fastly approaching party. i've got part I down and the rest of this weekend will be to finish part II. i'm so excited, and a little sad, for his birthday to be right around the corner. i know people say this all the time and i'm going to join in with them so bare (or is it bear?) with me: it seems like only yesterday we were finally able to leave the hospital and bring our sweet baby boy home. it's amazing how quickly time passes when you are so caught up in enjoying every single second with the ones you love and then poof! a year has flown by and you are left thinking about all of the wonderful memories you made. the memories of first smiles and laughs, of diaper changes and too-small clothes, of kisses galore and hugs aplenty, of sweet mama's and dada's, of mischevious little grins and tired cries. as sad as i am to see this year come to a close, i can't wait for what God has in store for us with landon in the years to come.
and now, to leave you with a few pictures from landon's 11-month photo sesh in his bedroom! (yeah, it's getting harder and harder to take pictures of a little one on his back when all he wants to do is crawl. and get into things. and crawl some more.)

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