yep, you read that right. i can't hardly believe it either. he's ten months old. well, he's actually closer to ten-and-a-half months now but i don't have any pictures of that. who am i kidding? of course i do. but that's not what this post is about. this post is about my little boy being ten months old. and he's not slowing down in the growing up department either. in fact, it seems like each day goes by faster and faster and before i know it, it's the next morning and he's one day older. and then two days older. and then a week older. and then a month older. and what's next? oh, that's right. he'll be a YEAR old in a couple months. that makes this mama want to cry. and scream in delight. at the same time. (is that possible? yeah, i'll probably be the first mama to successfully do it, right?)

ya see, landon's 322 days old. and with that 322 days comes a little boy that likes to crawl everywhere, eat basically anything you put in front of him (including little tiny tiny tiny specks of dirt that ripley happens to track inside with him), scream if he doesn't get his way, scream when he does get his way, chew on anything in sight, throw toys all over the place, give lots and lots of kisses, snuggle in bed, play with remotes for the telly and subsequently start to cry when we take them away from him, open all sorts of cupboards and drawers, help turn off lights and then point to the light when it's on, crawl to me as soon as i walk in the door, wave bye-bye, cry a bit when he realizes me or dada have to leave to go to work, fight nap time, and read lots and lots of stories. yep, he's a reader like his mama.

here are a few pictures from his ten month photo sesh. (yeah, we gave him his night light in hopes he would lay still long enough for a few good pictures. it lasted maybe two minutes. and a few good pictures? every picture he takes is a good one.)

oh boy, we sure do love him.

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