wednesday wishlist | birthday edition!

it's my birthday week! and i'm so excited. i'm going to be 26 on friday. still mid-twenties, and i'm okay with that. in honor of it being my birthday on friday, i've decided to dedicate this week's wednesday wishlist to items that are on my actual birthday list! maybe i'll actually get one (or a few!) of these items! wouldn't that be grand?! (and yes, it's in link form, sorry)

holgo lens adapter for your iphone? yes, please!

i've been dying to get a macbook pro for a while now. oh my, it'd be a treat if someone actually got me one.
these salt&pepper shakers would look lovely in my kitchen. next to this lovely butter dish. and this mixer in almond. yep, it would look just great on my kitchen counter.

for something a little more fun: the
latest season of 'the office' on dvd. i've been in an 'office' mood recently.

i already
pre-ordered this for myself a couple of days ago. i can't wait until it comes in my mailbox!

a trip to
vegas? or disneyland? or even better universal studios in florida. with wizarding world of harry potter, too!

and you know what would be the best gift of all? being able to stay at home with landon on a permanent basis!

a girl can dream, right?


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  1. Trip! Always wish for a trip :)

    Happy Birthday!

    1. thanks! (i'd be only lucky girl if i actually got a trip for my birthday)


thanks for the input!