oh saturday, how i wish there were multiples of you. it seems like as soon as you begin, you end.
we had a good little day today, our family. we started our morning right: landon waking us up with a big grin on his face and giggles galore. it's so nice to wake up to him happy, especially since he tends to wake up unhappy more often than not from alarm clocks and such.
from there, our day just kept getting better! it was a beautiful morning out so justin decided to take landon and ripley on a little walk. so after landon had his breakfast of strawberry yogurt (which he loves, by the way), off they went! i, on the other hand, decided to hang back and get ready for the day, ie. shower, eat, pay bills, etc.
when they returned, we tried to put landon down for a nap, to no avail. we chalked it up to him not being able to crawl around as much as usual because he was in a stroller for most of the morning and was unable to tire himself out. so what do you do? you pack up his diaper bag, walk ripley outside one last time, and hop in the car to grandpa dave's! and what did landon decide to do? promptly fall asleep on the car ride over there. yep, i guess he was tired after all.
we spent a good portion of time at my dad's house where i filed our taxes and justin, landon and my dad played and played and played. when i was FINALLY done with taxes we packed our stuff back up and headed back into town where we stopped at walmart. yep, walmart. it's the go-to place in town now, ya know.
i've jumped on the bandwagon and started meal-planning our months out. yep, i'm one of those ladies now. and you know what? i love it. it makes everything so much easier. you can bet there'll be a blog post about that in the near future. anyway, we got almost all of our grocery shopping done for the month there, in addition to a couple more non-grocery related items. so this is the part of the story where i go on a tangent. have you seen the snl target lady? well, i've seen the real-life target lady, except at walmart. i swear the snl writers based their character off of her. she was great. so great in fact, as we were leaving the store justin and i looked at each other and both started talking about snl's target lady! it was priceless.
and then? we stopped at hasty freez and got ourselves some slush. strawberry for the hubs, cherry for me.
after a long afternoon/early evening nap for landon we made ourselves some dinner: lemon pepper chicken, herb & butter rice and broccoli. i think sitting at the dinner table with my boys is probably one of my favorite parts of any day. i love it. the tv is off, no other distractions, just my boys and me. lovely.
after a last-minute decision to go visit another set of grandparents, we came home and put our sleepy, teething (yep, he's got a seventh tooth coming in!), somewhat cranky boy to bed.
and with that, i leave you with a few pictures of our day. night y'all!



(for those of you that don't know the snl target lady, enjoy!)

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