are you a kate lover like myself? do you dream of spending an entire paycheck on her clothes? well, i do. and i bet you will too after you see her lovely line of clothing, handbags, accessories, home decor, etc.

what is it that i love so much? well, i'll tell ya. i love how everything is sophisticated, yet simple. she uses a lot of print and yet, none of the prints are overbearing because of the way she uses them. i could totally see myself wearing any of the above outfits, especially the soren sweater dress. i just love it. i typically would shy away from the bold color of the pink siren dress but for some reason, i am really drawn to it in this way. and the arlen ponte dress? from the boatneck to the three-quarter length sleeves to the  little bow; i love everything about it.

and how could i do a fashionable friday post on kate spade without including handbags? i couldn't. i am especially in love with the gold coast maryanne. as for the wallet? i think it goes without saying that it should just be mine, seeing as how it was obviously named after me and all. c;

and what girl doesn't love a bangle?

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