after being completely discouraged because my target chose to not carry the jason wu line, i decided to hit up the internet for some other lovely designer that i could swoon over yet never be able to afford in this lifetime. (although, i'll keep my fingers crossed, just in case.)

well, i stumbled upon a new fave of mine: nanette lepore. can you say gorge?

i love her use of bright colors for her spring 2012 line (the two on the bottom right are from her fall 2011 line but i just HAD to add them because i love the styling and the fit).  everything just seems so happy and laid back and bright! it's like a highlighter exploded on her fabric and i love it.

also, can we talk about those pink bags for a second? how adorable is that front one? i love how simple it is and so girly, all at the same time!

ok, there you have it, a new favorite designer. you can thank me later. c;

oh and did i mention that i read nanette just might have inked a deal with jcpenney? no? well she did. and i couldn't be more excited. (so long as my jcpenney carries her stuff, that is)


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