landon really enjoys food. and i mean really enjoys it. i don't think we've found a food he doesn't like (with the exception of peas for about a week). he gets to try something new a couple times a week and when he does, it's always really exciting for us. recently he's tried grapefruit, tuna and cheese. i was a little hesitant to buy the grapefruit seeing as how neither justin or i like it and if landon didn't like it either, it would just go to waste. boy am i glad i bought it! he loves it. he didn't even pucker up or anything with the first bite. and the cheese? it's like this boy is in heaven when i put cheese on his tray. forget about what else he has on the tray already because he's going to eat all of that cheese before he eats anything else.
this last week, he had already finished up his appetizer of grapefruit and tuna so justin decided to give him spaghetti and meat sauce. now, he's already tried this and we knew he liked it so apparently justin decided to give him a mound of it on his tray. when i say a mound, i'm talking lots. lots and lots of cut up noodles and meat. and did justin happen to strip our boy down to only a diaper? nope. he was fully clothed. in new jeans and a white shirt.

needless to say, the shirt is ruined. c:

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