last week got away from me so here i am, giving you links that are worth two weeks! it's a two-fer.

have you heard of cat cafe's? apparently they're all the rage in japan. weird.

this lunchbox would make me feel cool bringing a lunch from home if i were in highschool again.

how crazy is this? it's a thermometer that actually lets you feel the temperature. no more guessing if it's okay to wear a skirt without leggings or if you need to bring along a jacket.

cinemagraphs are amazing. like, really amazing. i think they are so neat! and now there's an app for making your own, just easier? sign me up. now to decide if i get the free Kinotopic app or do i pay $1.99 and get Cinemagram's version?'s a tough choice.

i've never actually eaten at a chipotle mexican grill but have heard nothing but good things about it. this video makes me want to eat there even more now. it's great to see a restaurant chain succeeding in this day and age with so many other chains using additives instead of natural ingredients. plus, the fact that the video is super cute doesn't hurt either. c:

this was a really neat infographic on textbooks versus iPads and how, it seems now, that iPads are not going to be taking over the school textbook market. yay for good 'ole paper!

i'm really loving this polka dot tee from anthropologie.

i just love getting my daily email from pure wow. this week was no exception. i'm signed up for the recipe newsletter as well and can't wait to make this week's recipe of "herb-packed cashew dip". doesn't that just sound yummy? i highly encourage you to sign up with pure wow. it might just make your day, too!

seriously?! rasheed wallace to the laker's? no, thank you. sorry justin, i don't think your team has a chance in winning the title this year.

we took old navy up on their offer of pricelock for their famous jeans today. well, justin did. he found two pair!

i really like these crayons for landon when he's old enough to start coloring. i especially like that they are all natural and in the shape of turtles. so cute!

found this site and now i'm pondering if i should just go ahead and join already! yeah, $50 a year is probably worth helping me learn how to get the most out of my new camera as possible.

foxy originals has a new collection (global traveler) and i can't get enough of the globe neckalce.

came across this shop via the violet and decided i must get this vase. and these napkins.  and this chocolate moo-use. heck, i might as well take one of everything! check out her blog while you're there, too. i promise you'll enjoy it.

super excited (and a little sad) to begin
planning landon's first birthday party! it's so soon!

and now i leave you to go and clean up my house a little bit as my sister, her boyfriend and my little brother are all coming over in a short bit to play games. and eat pizza. and cake. that's right, i get to eat pizza on two seperate occasions this weekend!! you see, that's what happens here on my birthday weekend: i eat out and gorge myself on food that is all too bad for you. every single day.

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