i'm really enjoying this pretty picture; it's so simple and yet so pretty, all at the same time. it even looks like something i could make at home, if i had a sewing machine that is.

anyway, on to some lovely little links that i have found interesting this past week, and hope you do too! enjoy!

i'm pretty sure i need this. it would make my life so much easier. forget that icky GB (as rachael ray would call it) taking up space on my counter OR ripley trying to get into the garbage can sitting out from under the sink!

this wedding theme perfect? it's so cute and fun! i especially love the photo booth - too cute.

i am a big ansel adams fan and
these pictures are great. not the typical ansel adams photos and i love it.
this lamp looks like something my husband would enjoy. or any guy for that matter. c:
these apps look like they might be worth checking out. although, i'd be surprised if anything came up on them for me and my little city.

can this be true? if so, it can't come soon enough! phones are so expensive these days and don't get me wrong, i LOVE my phone and everything it can do, it's just so darn spendy. plus, it'll definitely help out when justin upgrades to a better phone.

i couldn't help but smile as i read this article on pinterest. it's so true!

are you really big on privacy while on the internet? well, Google has decided to change their privacy practices and if you are interested in how to prevent them from tracking you, i suggest you read this article.

yep, i really like these lamps. if only they were a tad bit cheaper. and by tad, i mean a lot.

oh vimeo, how i love thee. and your
new look!

this digital photo blog is so neat! it's got lots and lots of
slow exposure photos of fireflies. i can't read anything from the site because it's all in japanese but the pictures sure are pretty.

if you like
karim rashid and BoConcept, then you're sure to like that they're partnering up! (for a time, at least.) oh, how i wish we had a BoConcept around here, if only for this desk.

came across this post while visiting the lovely bleubirdvintage blog. well, it made me click on a link that took me to this site, which i am now positively in love with. yep, you know you want to check it out.

i am obsessed with pinterest. care to see? then click!


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