i am absolutely in love with the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's. i can't get enough of it. every time i walk in that store, i immediately find myself heading towards that section. it might just be a sickness, like my sister's need to be in the vera wang section. c:
a couple of week's ago, justin and i were in there (for what, i'm not sure) and once again, there i was in the lauren conrad section. alas, i had no money to spend so i didn't get the one skirt and sweater that i fell in love with instantly. i didn't even try it on because i knew that i would just disappoint myself. so i left empty-handed, hoping to come back when i did have a little extra spending money and purchase it then. no, this story doesn't end happy. i went back on wednesday after work and the skirt was gone. nowhere to be found. the sweater wasn't even anywhere in sight. i spent a long time perusing every single rack with lauren conrad items on it; i even went around the corner to the elle items, hoping it might have gotten put on that clearance rack but no. it was gone. i left empty-handed once again.
today, i decided to hit up the good 'ole kohl's website, hoping to find said skirt there. nope. i googled it even and the only hit i got for that skirt was on ebay and it was an XL. darn! back i went to the kohl's site, determined to find something that i liked (it is my birthday, after all).
well, i did.

(sorry the pictures are so small. for some reason, it wasn't really letting me save the pictures and edit them in picasa. so i couldn't make a collage.)

i love ALL of these items. and you know what? i don't think my kohl's store carries any of them! i'll have to make another trip there today, in hopes of finding them since i know what they look like now.

wish me luck!

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