yesterday, i was given the priviledge of spending the entire day with my sweet little one. you see, it was president's day and lucky for me, i don't have to work on president's day! what did we do, you ask?
did i shower? yep.
did i brush my hair? nope.
did we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? yessir.
did we do laundry? nope.
did we pick up toys? nope.
did we step foot outside of the house? nope.
did we read lots and lots of books? yep!
did we get dressed? well, kind of. he did, i just changed into clean pj's.
did we watch a teeny, tiny bit of bubble guppies? yep.
did we play and play and then play some more? you betcha.
it was one of the best days i have had with my little boy in quite some time. i loved it.

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