i watch* a lot of tv. a lot. so much so i'm almost embarrassed. almost. tonight i watched teen mom 2 and glee. (and of course young and the restless but that's a daily occurrence, when i can find the time.)

i can just hear you all saying "teen mom 2? why oh why would you watch that show?" and i'll tell you: drama. i love it. i soak it up. my heart breaks for these little girls that are having to go through what they are going through. poor chelsea with her pathetic boyfriend. poor kailynn struggling to make ends meet with school, work, her own apartment, totaling her car, and finally deciding to file for child support. poor leah with twins and not knowing what is causing one of her precious little girls to have skeletal problems. and poor jenelle for struggling with her drug addiction, a leech of a boyfriend and a tumultuous relationship with her own mother. i feel for these girls and their babies. i truly do.

on a brighter note? glee! i fell in love the moment it first came on the air. i know it's cheesy and that's the best part. the spats between coach sylvester and the glee club, the love stories intertwined, the very real problems that many teenagers are dealing with in their own highschools and the music. oh, the music. i can't get enough! i even went so far as to purchase a cd of the warbler's from glee. it's heavenly. did you watch tonight's episode? precious. from singing a song from 'grease' to singing a current new favorite of mine 'we found love', (although i'm not a fan of the rihanna version -- i like the boyce avenue version MUCH better) it was just perfection in my eyes. and the ending?! if you haven't watched it yet, i'll be sure to keep it under wraps as i don't want to spoil it for any of you but!
*sidenote: all of my tv watching (besides glee which i watched after he went to bed) took place while landon had a plastic toy star in each hand as he slid all over our downstairs floor. and then he proceeded to power crawl, head down, determined to make it to ripley's food and water dishes before i could catch him. he's a sly one, that boy. little does he know although it may look like i'm totally focused on the telly, i'm really watching him and only listening to the noise in the background. you see, you put the tv on the back burner when you've got a little boy trying to get into anything he can all the while holding the socks he was wearing for the day in his mouth.

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