"i love baths. i really do. i think mama and daddy enjoy them just as much as i do though. well, i don't know if they enjoy baths themselves but i think they enjoy giving me one. how could you not? for one, i'm naked and aren't naked babies always the cutest? two, i just stand (or sit) there when the tub is being filled with water and that is not a very common occurance for me these days. three, i never get tired of smacking the water with my hands and splashing myself (and mama or daddy on occasion) and i squeal with delight every time. and four, when i'm done in the bath i'm naked again and i usually squirm my way out of their arms before they can get me dressed, so for a minute (or two!) i'm crawling around bare-butted. yep, baths are the best. you should really take the time to have one yourself next time you're thinking about getting all squeaky-clean!

love, landon"


  1. Zeek is in a stage where he does NOT like baths! Like screams. And doesn't want anything to do with his toys. I'm not sure if he just hates the water pouring on his head or what. I hope he rediscovers the joy of baths again soon!! :)

    1. oh no! sounds to me like he needs a bath-time buddy to show him how much fun it actually is. or better yet! a sibling that he can help give baths to! but that's a ways down the road and I'm sure you don't want a screaming child at bath time for the next 10+ months! hopefully he goes back to loving baths soon. c:


thanks for the input!