i follow many people on instagram. one of which is danielle from the sometimes sweet blog. i just LOVE her. anyways, she is also on instagram. towards the end of last month she posted a picture stating that she was going to take part in a picture a day for the month of january and then post them on instagram. each day you are given a prompt and i decided that i would also partake.
here are my pictures thus far:

day 1: you
 i missed day 2. (breakfast)
day 3: something you adore (landon)
day 4: letterbox
day 5: something you wore (earrings)

day 6: makes you smile

day 7: favorite

day 8: your sky

day 9: daily routine (driving home at lunch to be with my boys)

day 10: childhood
 days 11 and 12 accidentally got erased from my phone. :c they were: where you sleep (picture of my bed) and close-up (picture of landon's new car seat)
day 13: in your bag
i have yet to take my picture for day 14 but i still have a couple of hours.


thanks for the input!