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with the past week finally over, and i put a lot of emphasis on finally because it seemed like it took forever for the weekend to get here, we have spent the majority of this weekend (and will spend the rest of it the same way, i'm sure) by relaxing at home.

last night was spent at dinner with my dad watching landon smile at his new highchair buddy (darn me for not having my camera easily accessible during dinner!) and stuffing our faces with cornbread and good 'ole bbq. yum! we then came home to an overexcited puppy dog biding his time until justin pulled out the laser pointer and both he and landon went after that little red dot like it was the last thing on earth. (again! darn me for being too entertained to grab my camera!) this morning my wonderful husband let me catch a few extra z's after landon decided to wake up at 6am, again, and took landon downstairs to feed him his breakfast of apples & mangoes in rice cereal, yum. ever since i woke up (at 9am, thank you), landon's had two naps (one of which he is still taking), we made lunch from some leftovers (i had a burrito, justin had pulled chicken & potato salad and landon had peas, avocado, bread & sweet potato puffs), we've watched a tiny bit of the telly and i've spent way too much time scouring the internet (and using my new app, flipboard). oh! and landon had another bath and another haircut, given by yours truly (with the help of j).

so, i'll leave you with some links for you to check out the rest of this weekend (and next week, too!).

has anyone else tried the new app, mattebox? i'm trying to decide if i want to spend $4 on another camera app or stick with the ones i'm currently using.

i love the look of ital caffe's new coffee tins. so simple.

oh, these cookies look so tasty, and cute to boot! i may just have to check out her etsy shop and order myself some for a little treat.

i am a huge liv tyler fan and i have to agree, these pics of her are probably the cutest ones i have ever seen of her. she just looks so, happy.

i am going to have to get this little print laminated. it's just so handy! now, if i can only find the perfect chair to upholster. thrifting, anyone?

i saw this and wasn't sure what i thought of it. on one hand, it sure would be neat to see your little baby whenever you wanted and on the other hand, don't doctors recommend not having multiple ultrasounds? hm, i do like it for a baby monitor though.

yes, another photojojo link. this would be great for me when taking videos, especially since it seems like i turn into an 80-year-old woman when i need to be steady!

i love this idea for a phone charger! it would look so great on my nightstand.

if you're into the whole juxtaposition thing of living in an old house/apartment with modern decor, then this radiator is for you!

i loved reading this article. not only because i am just as obsessed with instagram as the author is but because it just rings true! i don't have time to sit and watch an entire movie anymore and yet i can check instagram multiple times instead and still keep myself occupied. brilliantly written.

i think i need to get landon a little-boy version of this. he would look so handsome in it. easter, maybe?

isn't this a clever idea? if i get my ever-so-wishing-someone-gets-it-for-me macbook pro or my if-i-don't-get-the-macbook-i'll-take-the-hp mini for my birthday, i just might (maybe) have to do this.

i wish i would've known of this diy while my tree was still up. oh well.

and last but not least, one of the first blogs i ever started following: here.

image via, one of my favorite places in  oregon. wish i was there now, actually.

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