our weekend has been pretty uneventful. we've spent a lot of time at home because of the massive amount of rain we've received here in oregon. so much so that multiple areas in and around our town have flooded, which is kind of scary since that doesn't happen here very often. if you're interested in seeing some pictures taken of the flooding, go here. we live up high so we don't have any concerns about our neighborhood flooding but the main way into town and really the onlly way into town might be of some concern if the rain continues like it has.

for now, i leave you with some links to enjoy for the coming week!

for many years i have wanted an upholstered headboard and have never been able to convince myself to purchase one since they are so spendy. i've had this page favorited for quite a while now in hopes to someday upholster my own headboard. as of late, i still haven't done so but i am quite certain it will happen this year...maybe.

i am in love with these earrings from foxy originals. aren't the bronze ones super cute?

i mentioned this lovely lady's blog last week regarding inspiration. this week i'm linking you to her book. i can't wait until this comes out. yes, it is available for pre-order but still, april can't get here soon enough (unless we're talking about landon's birthday and yes, it can definitely wait)

i love how these girls of the violet did their new year's goals for 2012. too cute.

don't these brownies look just to die for? yum! i wish we had all the ingredients here at the moment to make them but unfortunately, i'm out of luck.

i love how miss james takes pictures of her children's food and posts them on her blog. her pictures of her little girl's food, birdie, make me want to take pictures of landon's food once he is eating more whole food and not so much smashed food. (he did have broccoli, bread, brown rice and bananas last night though. progress!)

from miss james' blog i found goodbyn, which i am now obsessed with, thank you very much! i can't wait until i can purchase a few of these.

this site has so many fun things for camera lovers! i think the little lenses to attach on to the iPhones are super cute.

if i drank coffee on a regular basis, or had any need for cream really, i would definitely buy these creamers.  or really anything from PigeonToeCeramics' shop.

really? a sliding door that you don't have to lock and unlock, it does it for you? crazy!

i really want this or this for my year. even if january is almost over. c;

here's a new blog (or two!) that i have recently found and can't get enough of: one and two.

here's to having a great (hopefully less rainy) week! enjoy.

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