i follow many blogs. i scour many internet sites. i spend way too much time on pinterest. here are just a few things i have found over this past week that you might be interested in as well. take a gander!

this mama gets me. we're on the same page. discipline. i know, i know, landon isn't two yet and he doesn't need disciplining but what i do know is that i'm going to blink and he'll be walking around trying to put his finger in light sockets or drawing on the walls with sharpies or eating ripley's dog food and those will be times when he will need discipline. justin and i aren't there yet but when we do get there, i'm pretty sure we'll both be flying by the seat of our pants, just like her.

a diy teepee? yes, please! who needs a tent when you can have a teepee? landon's getting one of these for sure.

need some inspiration to do some good? head on over to enjoying the small things and pay it forward.

i love my new phone. i love all of the apps it has. i just came across this one today. super excited to try it out!

for all those people wondering if i want another child -- this is how i feel right now. c:

came across this today and got a big smile on my face. watch the video, it's too cute!
mike + erin sure make me wish i had a cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere.

i decided to commit to writing three people snail mail this week after danielle prompting me. won't you partake too?

stumbled upon this blog and i can't get enough of icklie and lardee.

not the typical wedding video that most of us expect but the love they have for each other is beautiful. plus, the wedding and party just seems like it would have been a blast!

oh my! this lady is so inspiring. she lost 135lb and she swears by walking. just walking. i can do that!

blogs i'm following: one, two and three.

happy clicking!

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