when we first found out we were pregnant, we were super excited. and as time went on, we got even more excited and at the same time, we were nervous. not only nervous for all of the typical things you are nervous for, but nervous because we had a puppy. a puppy that wasn't even a year old yet (and wouldn't be until landon's due date!). a puppy that was super excitable and jumped up and down all the time. a puppy that had tons and tons of energy, almost too much. a puppy that we loved and were nervous we weren't going to be able to give him as much attention as he deserved.

while i was pregnant, i was sick. a lot. i spent a lot of time at home with ripley. there were some days where i couldn't stand his usual doggy smell and it would make me sick to my stomach. and there were some days when all i wanted was for him to snuggle up on the couch with me while all i could do was lay there, willing my sickness to go away. those days, he was the best puppy in the world. it just seemed like he knew when i didn't have the energy to play with him. he knew when  he had to wait until justin got home before he could be let outside. he knew when i needed to go lay down upstairs and he would be required to lay down in his crate and be a "good boy".

we were nervous how he would act around a new baby though. was he going to try and jump on the baby? was he going to lick him all over? was he going to bark at him? would he be the jealous type? what if he did all of those things? and then! we had to stay nine days in the hospital. we had never spent a night away from ripley; we took him everywhere with us. luckily, my sister or brother stayed with him at the house and checked on him throughout the day so we never had to take him to a pet hotel or have him stay with anyone else.

and when we came home? ripley was great. yes, he sniffed landon over, and over, and over, and over, again. yes, he licked him all over (or, at least tried to). no, he didn't try to jump on him. he did however, start a bad barking habit. yes, he showed a little bit of jealousy. did he ever snap at landon? nope. even when landon grew up and wouldn't allow him to be left alone for a few minutes? nope. even when landon followed him everywhere and pulled on his collar? nope. even when landon grabbed his tail and yanked on it? nope.

and as you can tell from the pictures below, they're best buds. well, at least landon thinks so. maybe ripley is just playing along. whatever the case, i'm just happy ripley seems to be okay with landon. even if it does mean the neighbors have to deal with a barking dog now.


  1. such a special bond, a child and their doggy :) i adore these photos! :)


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