i'm the kind of girl that loves herself a good fashion magazine (elle is my go-to mag), show (project runway!!), book and site (glamour). i'm also the kind of girl that lives in a fairly small town and even if i had the means to purchase the fashionable clothes that i love i would not be able to find them within a 60 mile radius. nor would i have the guts to actually wear some of said fashion because i'm a chicken and worry too much about how i would stand out in my little town. so, i've decided to live vicariously through my blog!

without further adieu, here is my goal for fridays: fashionable friday! on fridays, i plan to post a picture (and hopefully a link) of something i love but am either a. too poor to go out and buy it; b. too chicken to wear it; c. nowhere near a store that sells it and/or; d. all of the above.

ok so i'm going to start with jason wu. who doesn't love jason wu? if you don't, you're just crazy. crazy, i tell ya! he is amazing at creating modern femininity and making it look quite lovely. see for yourself:

i absoluately love the high neckline on the first and third. it's kind of hard to tell from this picture but i really love the sheerness of the top of the yellow pieces. i also adore the flowing, effortless feel of the fabric he chose for the first three looks. and hello!? can someone please find me an event to wear that last look to? k, thanks.
now if only there was a way for me to afford his clothes. oh, wait! jason wu for target? you're probably thinking i'm joking with you, but i'm not! it's true! you know how there have been times when a designer has partnered with target and the looks are just never quite what you expect (i won't name any names)? well, jason wu's collection is so not like that. i love it. take a look:

it's got everything from his 2012 spring runway collection, just in a way more affordable collection for the rest of us that can't afford off-the-runway. isn't that blue print super cute paired with that red shirt? i especially love the blue print in the dress form with the sheer top. and the styling? super cute. i'm in love with the hair and the little nylon socks with heels. yep, i know where i'm gonna be spending my next target gift cards. c:


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