in september, we were lucky enough for katie and josh of Katie Shroy Photography to take our family pictures. landon was about five months old and almost sitting on his own by that time so we decided to do some outdoor pics here in town.
both katie and josh were a pleasure to work with. it's always great to feel comfortable, especially when you are getting your pictures taken, and katie and josh were so easy-going it was awesome!
i love the light in all of these pictures; katie really makes the colors pop! isn't it crazy how a field of dried up grass and weeds can look so hum-dum until you actually take a picture of it with a good camera and good lighting and then all of a sudden, it looks beautiful?
one bad thing about the day? the heat. boy, was it hot! my hair did NOT like the humidity in the air and neither did i.  
here are a few of our faves!

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