Dear Landon,

This month, you have officially turned nine months old. Wow, I almost can’t believe that nine months ago we welcomed you into this world. What a wonderful nine months it has been.

As I sit here typing this letter to you, I can’t help but picture your smiling face, your joyous laughter, your excitement when dinner time comes around, everything that makes you, you.
Last month you had your first Christmas and that meant your daddy and I got to enjoy watching you open your first gifts and take pleasure in seeing your big grins as you ripped off wrapping paper and tore tissue paper out of bags. It was such a wonderful experience for us. I can only hope you felt the same way.

We have had so many wonderful experiences with you this month. You have really started to eat ‘mama and daddy foods’ with us. I make a special point to make you some potatoes if we’re having potatoes, boil you some peas if we’re having peas, give you bites of my bread when I’m eating a sandwich, chop up bananas and oranges so you can have some fruit with your oatmeal in the morning, give you some avocado when we’re eating our salads and the list goes on and on. This coming Monday, we get to go to your nine month check-up and ask Dr. Sherman when we can start introducing some cheese and eggs and other dairy-like items to you, as well as berries and a few other things. I enjoy watching your face as we place ‘finger foods’ on your highchair tray and you so carefully pick up the foods, one by one, with your tiny fingers and every so gently place them in your mouth. And then, watching you as you discover if you actually like or don’t like that particular food choice. And then, when you determine that you do actually like it, you can’t get the food into your mouth quick enough. And after a few (or twenty!) minutes of feeding yourself (and some help from mama or daddy) you tire of dinner, watching you squeal in delight as you bang your tray with your little hands and watch all the food bits bounce up and down until they fall off and ripley gets to them as fast as he can. You can make as much of a mess as you want, little one, because as long as you are happy and you’re eating your dinner, that’s all that matters. (Yes, I say this now when there actually isn’t a mess to clean up, I know.)
You also really enjoy bath-time. It’s a blast watching you smack the water as hard and fast as your little hands will let you and see the excitement on your face as you splash the walls, yourself and mama and daddy. Then wrapping you up in a big, blue towel to dry you off and hold you close makes it even better. You know what else is super fun? Watching you crawl all over your bedroom without any clothes (or a diaper). Yep, embarrassing, I know.

I am also super impressed with how much you like to ‘talk’ to us these days. Hardly a few minutes go by without you jabbering away to us, or Ripley, and pointing at whatever is catching your attention. It does make it particularly difficult when daddy and I are trying to have a conversation and you keep interrupting us but it’s worth it, listening to the pitch of your voice and the mamamamamama’s and the squeals and laughs and everything in between.

You make every day better. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your Mama

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