this year, christmas was wonderful. getting to experience it with my little boy made it the best christmas i have probably ever had. and that's saying something.
i thought it might be difficult this year seeing as how all of the grandparents were going to want to spend time with us and landon this year but fortunately for us, it worked out great! justin's family always gets together and celebrates on christmas eve, and my family always celebrates on christmas so it was perfect.
christmas eve morning we (justin, landon and myself) all opened up one gift -- our new jammies. this is a tradition that justin and i have been doing for a while now and we are going to continue it every year with landon. landon's jammies were by far the cutest ones of all; red with black stripes and a cute little reindeer on them! we felt bad since we don't get clothes for ripley so we let him open up his gift from landon, a couple of doggie cookies shaped into decorated bones. they were so cute. he gobbled them right up.
later that afternoon/evening, we trekked the two long miles to grandpa and grandma thomas' house.

so many gifts he just couldn't wait!

waiting patiently to eat dinner.

first gift of the year -- a santa cap from uncle chris and auntie ashley.
books from great-grandma.

grandpa delmer opening up the gift from landon -- a handprint ornament.

landon was super excited to open up his new walker toy from grandpa and grandma! 

after all the festivities were done, it was time to get our little guy home and to bed. opening up all of those presents is pretty tiring for a little eight-month-old (and his parents!). plus, we had to go to bed so santa could come and fill our stockings!
the next morning, grandpa dave came over for christmas morning breakfast and to spend the morning with us. we had eggs, bacon and justin's fried potatoes; yum! we then settled in the living room to open up our presents from santa (and each other, of course).

first present of christmas!

grandpa dave got him some pretty cool gear -- carhaart hat, socks, overalls and shirt. he also got some romeo's!!
after a very quick morning nap, we got ready and headed over to see great-grandma goldie for a short visit. landon crawled and crawled and crawled all over her tiny apartment. then a quick stop to get our stockings from justin's parent's house and over to my step-dad's parent's house. (my mom was really sick with some sort of stomach-bug so she wasn't able to spend christmas with us, :c)

amidst his presents.
trying to climb on auntie courtney's box.
helping auntie unwrap a bow.

when the day was all said and done, we were tired. and landon came down with a cold. all in all, i think christmas 2011 was a success.

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