2011, IN REVIEW.

the stockings and tree have been put away, along with the rest of our christmas decor, and i am just now getting around to posting my 'farewell 2011' post. well, i guess it's better late than never! be warned -- it's a long one!
in january, i was 28 weeks pregnant, ate at korner kitchen and started to decorate the nursery. not much happened that month!

in february, we celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday, had our baby shower, started childbirth preparation classes and i turned 25! and i was still pregnant, so i didn't really post anything that month, unfortunately.

in march, i was still pregnant so posting was scarce. (c:) i posted pictures of ripley, since he was soon to not be the only little guy in our lives, i made a shoofly pie and we decorated the nursery some more.

april was the best month, ever! landon was born! after 30 hours of labor and nine days in the hospital (4 of those spent in nicu), we were finally able to go home.

in may, i celebrated my first mother's day, landon turned one month old, then six weeks old, he got his first real bath (!!), and we enjoyed every single second of being parents.

june was a busy month. justin celebrated his first father's day (while also celebrating kaiden's first birthday and meeting little baby logan for the first time!), my little brother graduated from high school, landon turned two months old and started smiling! we celebrated my dad's birthday with a trip to jake's crawfish in portland and our little family had our first trip to the oregon coast. i blogged about the best swaddles EVER, justin's phone broke for about a minute so we had to scurry and upload all of it's picture contents onto the computer, AND landon started to smile (!!!).

in july, we celebrated fourth of july in style, landon turned three months old, we had a smile session, justin started an after-hours position with the county crisis team and applied for a full-time position with them as well, we made plans to get our family portraits done by katie , and squealed in excitement when harry potter came to theatres!

in august, landon turned four months old, i was inspired to blog about this, landon continued with his 'what landon would say' series by talking about eating cereal for the first time (!!), and we all got haircuts (particularly landon).

 in september we got enchanted at enchanted forest with our friends, got our family pictures taken, went to a park, ripley got vaccinated, i got my nails done and we got a tree in our backyard. also this month? landon turned five months old! he continued his teething, got his high chair from ikea (best $25 spent ever), met taylor and jessica for the first time, visited with uncle stu and met io and peaches, too. we also bought a new camera, to document all of the wonderful experiences we have with landon. also this month, my dad took us to the coast for a day. it was probably one of the most beautiful days i have ever experienced there.

october was the month of landon's first halloween! it took us a while but we finally decided on a costume. october also meant landon turned six months old and he could REALLY start eating solid foods. i finally got around to making birth announcements, though i never sent any of them out (i'm really bad about actually giving people things like that; thank you cards, announcements.) landon continued his 'what landon would say' series with updating everyone one his progress. we found out just how much landon loves bath time and i got an iPhone. oh! and we got our family pictures back.

in november, we celebrated thanksgiving. we took landon across the street and tried out our photography skills on him and his pumpkin from great-grandma jenni and great-grandpa jack. i blogged about how grateful i was for this year and also started a 'dear landon' series. landon learned to crawl this month and he also turned seven months old!

december meant christmas!! traditions that were continued and new traditions that were started. i posted A LOT of pictures taken with my new iPhone here, and here. landon got to wear his santa pants multiple times throughout the month, even once on christmas eve! (i'm only a little obsessed with instagram) landon turned eight months old and is crawling everywhere. he's got a mouth full of teeth (ok, not really a full mouth). we spent a lot of time with family, celebrated my little sister's 23rd birthday and uncle charlie's 23rd birthday, too. our christmas was a lot of fun, even though landon and justin ended up with a cold after. we rang in the new year at home, keeping it low key; just the way we like it.

2011 had a lot of highs. some lows, yes, but more highs. getting to spend the last eight (almost nine!) months with landon has been amazing. seeing everything through his eyes as he experiences it for the first time is really eye-opening and a blast. i can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!

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