every year since we were married, j and i get a new christmas ornament. it's fun for us to shop around and decide on what kind of ornament we want to add to our tree and keep for years to come. we only have a few requirements: it needs to be something we both agree on and; we need to be able to write the year on it, somewhere.
here are the ornaments over the years, starting with 2008. enjoy!


where oh where did we find these beautiful ornaments, you ask? well, i'll tell you. the reindeer was found at fred meyer and the year is written on her underbelly. the owl was purchased at macy's home store and the year is written on the bottom of her little tailfeather. the presents were picked up at kohl's and each present represents one of us in our little family last year (me, j and ripley if you couldn't figure it out) and the year, i believe, is written on one of the bows. last but not least, the spring tree was hiding at target, in a $2 bin no less! you can't tell very well from this picture but there is a little green jingle bell dangling from the trunk and that is where we wrote the year.

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