PHONE DUMP | 12.2.11

i still haven't gotten caught up on my blogging, and i am very sorry for that. to make matters even worse, i have found pinterest and have become obsessed. i haven't pinned that much yet, but i've spent a great deal of time just browsing. it's highly addictive. i suggest you check it out.

but i digress. i am posting pictures today. pictures from my phone. pictures that you will love. i mean, how can you not when you see the cutie pie munchkin that is in most of them?

i can't get enough of some of the faces he makes. oh, and did i mention that he gives kisses now? and says "mamamama"? well, he does. and it's the most precious thing, ever. i should probably branch out and take pictures of more than just my little boy and my dog. however, in my defense, they are very cuteworthy subjects. and everyone seems to enjoy seeing them. am i right?

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  1. you are most DEFINITELY right :) i can't believe how much older Landon looks with his cute little teeth :)


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