better late than never...


in september of this year, my dad took landon, justin and i to the coast for a day. mainly we went there to eat at the chowder bowl. now, i'm not one to eat clam chowder because i don't care for clams but justin and my dad love it and apparently this place has the best. so, we went and we ate. i had fish & chips, which are also very tasty. 

after filling our bellies, we decided to hit the beach. now i've got to tell you, if you haven't visited the oregon coast, there's a very good chance it's going to be blustery and cold and rainy. this day? this day was perfection. yes, it was a little breezy. i can handle breezy. it was warm. so warm that i went on the beach in only jeans and a t-shirt. that is practically unheard of. it was gorgeous.

oh, and we're all wearing our oregon ducks gear because there was a duck game. we went to some friends of ours house after we got back to watch the game. unfortunately, we lost. and it's because we waited to start the game until we got back, instead of watching it live. yeah, our friend is superstitious like that. but we love him anyway. c:

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  1. i love this post because of all the cute pics of landon, but mostly, i love it because of the funny comment at the end!!! ha ha ha! :)


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