in day-to-day life, I find time to be passing too quickly.

case in point: I have not updated my blog since BEFORE Halloween. not because I haven't wanted to, mind you; because I just can't seem to find the time. especially when my bouncy seven-month-old decides he wants to stay up until 9 o'clock or so and then I'm too tired to try and put together a blog post or even unload my camera's memory card. when a moment like that comes available, I find myself saying (to myself), "oh, I can do that tomorrow. there will be more time tomorrow." then tomorrow comes and goes and I find that I still haven't done anything and I kick myself in the bum. I mean, I haven't even taken the time to take Landon's seven-month-old pictures yet!! how hard is it to pull a blanket out, lay him down and snap a few? apparently, pretty difficult. especially when said child rolls over and starts to crawl in any direction his little body will take him as soon as I lay him down, or he decides that he doesn't want to be put down at all because he's experiencing a little separation anxiety and only wants to be held all the time.

all that is beside the point. the point, if you can't already tell, is I'm a mama who can't get enough of her sweet pea. maybe if I wasn't a full-time working mama I'd be more willing to spend some of that precious time I have with him on other things, like blogging. maybe.

(ps. I promise I will post more pictures, soon. hopefully I'll get back to updating on a regular basis even.)


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