halloween '11

so it's a little bit late. at least it's getting posted, right?

this year, halloween was the best. probably, in part, due to the fact that we had a little one to dress up. can you guess how excited i was about that? if you guessed super excited, you'd be right. i immediately thought i wanted to dress him up as a pumpkin. i basically got veto'd on that right away. j didn't want landon to be the stereotypical pumpkin for his first halloween. i wanted to savor the fact that he was still a baby and put him in something cute.

we decided he was going to be a koala.

we did some research and found the costume on this site. we were for sure going to purchase it. well, we had decided this a couple months in advance so when the time came to actually click "add to cart", my finger hesitated above the mouse. i couldn't fathom spending $50 on a costume that he will only wear this one time, no matter how cute it is. (why was i so blinded to this before? i ask myself the same question.)

back to square one.

well, we looked at the local costume shop and didn't see anything worth getting. we looked around online some more...nothing. and yet, halloween wasn't getting here any slower. what did we have laying around the house that we could fashion into a costume? hmm...then we had an idea!

landon has hair! LOTS of hair! what could we do with his hair that could make an outfit? and so became our little greaser!

visiting daddy at work

one of j's co-workers let us borrow her son's jacket. isn't it the cutest?

by the end of the day, his hair was messy and he was tired. heck, we were all tired. but that didn't stop us from giving the cutest greaser millions of little kisses all over his chubby cheeks. i'd even say he's got danny zuko beat. c;

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