there are many things in life that i have to be grateful for and yet, i often forget to actually voice my gratitude towards said things. here are ten (inspired by this lovely lady and her blog). c:

one: my small family. God has blessed me with the most amazing man for my husband. he is my rock. i am so lucky. he is the best daddy to landon, whom i am also grateful for. landon brings joy to my life every single day. he makes me smile and laugh when i didn't think i could have any more in me. i have enjoyed watching him grow these past few months and look forward to the many, many years ahead. no ripley, i didn't forget you. even when you are barking as loud as your little lungs will let you, or you're chewing on one of landon's toys, or you've decided you're not going to come inside even though it's pouring buckets outside and you're getting all muddy, i couldn't have asked for a better pup to call my own.
two: the rest of my family. you have all shaped me into the person i am today. thank you.

three: a place to call home, running water, food in our pantry, clothes to keep warm, clean drinking water, heat, reliable transportation, a stable good-paying job, health insurance. the necessities. i am very blessed to be able to say i have all of these things and thank God every day that i do.

four: my camera. without it, how would i document all of landon's milestones, anniversaries with j, celebrations with family, and a myriad of other things? i wouldn't.
five: books. i love to read. fiction, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, memoir, you name it. books open my mind to a new way of thinking, imagining, dreaming. landon makes it difficult to read my typical books but that's okay. now i'm just reading a new kind of book, and i love it the same.

six: friends. i have been lucky enough to have a close group of friends since high school. we may not see each other as often as before, but when we get together, it still feels the same. i enjoy seeing each of us 'grow up' in our own way and become our own people; it's a wonderful thing. i have also been lucky enough to acquire a few friends since then and i'm sorry i hadn't met them sooner. i don't know what i'd do without you.

seven: pop-tarts. silly, i know, but oh so true. my husband would tell you i'm obsessed with them and he's right; i am. i eat pop-tarts almost every single day. and i absolutely can't get enough of them. in fact, i've been known to have them for breakfast and for dessert. yum!

eight: blogs. not only my blog but multiple others. in fact, i should add to my blog a list of ones that i frequent. blogs are almost as good as books, to me. i love everything about them. sometimes when i'm reading a blog or two i think to myself "hey, i think if i were to meet this person, we'd be good friends" and i can't help but smile. blogs can be such a personal thing, a journal of sorts, and it's almost like you get to know the author on a personal level. i love it.

nine: reality tv. another silly one. i love the entertainment i get from it. i love the competition my husband and i have when a new season starts of amazing race or design star and we each pick a contestant and agree to disagree on who is going to win. it allows me to forget about the stress in my life and focus on the drama of someone else's. pure entertainment and i'm so grateful that someone thought of it.

ten: my faith in God. without Him i wouldn't have any of these things i have already listed. He makes everything possible.


thanks for the input!