dear landon,

from the moment i saw that little “yes+” sign on that so very well known stick, i was in love. i knew immediately that you were going to be the best thing that ever happened to me; you were making me a mommy.

being your mommy is the best job i could have ever asked for. waking up at all hours of the night to comfort you back to sleep, laying on the floor with you encouraging you to lift your head up on your own, tickling your belly so i can hear those ever so lovely laughs of yours, spending an hour in the kitchen making homemade baby food just so you can gag as soon as i spoon some into your mouth, watching you learn how to pull yourself up and the joy on your face when you actually succeed in doing so; these are some of the little moments that make my job so enjoyable.

you make even the sometimes trying parts of mamahood wonderful. i remember how before i even became pregnant, i was certain that i did not want to breastfeed. i thought it was weird. how wrong i was. it just might be one of my favorite experiences with you, thus far. i love the closeness it gives me and how it comforts you when nothing else will. even when you start crying at 2 o’clock in the morning and i am exhausted, i love that as soon as i bring you into bed with me, you stop crying almost immediately because you know that i’m there. you know that your belly will soon be full and that you will get to fall asleep next to me.

every morning that i wake up to your smiling face, i thank God that He gave me you. you make every day more enjoyable than the last. every day brings a new experience and i couldn’t be happier.

your mama

( idea taken from one of my very favorite blogs. you really should check her out.)

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