"being six months old brings lots of fun things to my life.
case in point:
i have eaten squash, peas, carrots, green beans, oatmeal and rice rusks.
the carrots are by far my favorite. 
i can now sit up in the seats of the carts at grocery stores, buckled in, of course!
i sit up all by myself on the floor, or on the sofa, or in mom's lap.  basically anywhere i can.
i wear nine-month-old clothes.  (it makes mom just a teeny bit sad)
i have definitely found my voice.  i talk and talk and talk, and sometimes throw a scream in there too.
dad calls me "baby tarzan". get it?
i can hold myself up on my arms and knees now.  still no crawling forward but i can sure scoot backwards and in circles, that's for darn-tootin' sure.
i am VERY interested in shiny things like mom's necklaces and earrings, and the remote control.
i have my first tooth!  it isn't fully in yet, but it's almost there. 
i weighed in at 18lbs, 5oz and measured at 28 and 1/4in long at my six month check-up.
mom and dad are SUPER proud of me. 

here's some recent pics of me to prove just how big i'm getting!
i know, i've been trying to tell mom and dad just how badly i need a haircut and they don't seem to be listening.
they think it's crazy how this would be my THIRD haircut.

well, have a great rest of your weekend.
love, landon"

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