update on our life

boy, have we been busy.
at least, it feels that way. whether we really have is another story. c;

our weekends lately have been filled with spending as much time with our little boy as possible. well, every day is like that really. and we're okay with that.  you see, life is just too darn short. so, we're soaking it ALL up. c:
this past weekend was fun for us.
friday after work we had dinner with some dear friends of ours, fred, emily and hannah.  i've talked about them here. this dinner we had was in honor of celebrating emily's VERY belated 29th birthday. we had some really great, tender chicken cooked on their traeger (yum!), potatoes and corn on the cob.  we also brought over some of the best brownies i have ever tasted. j & i happen to get them at ray's, a lot. we chatted and had a good 'ole time watching the kiddos check each other out. hannah sure seems to love playing in landon's car seat while we're there. c: after dinner, we popped in 'the bourne identity' and watched that because who can get enough of jason bourne? not i.

saturday was a relaxing day for us at home. well, as relaxing as it can get when your 5-month-old (5 months!) won't let you sleep in past 5am (poor justin). we had to take ripley to the vet for his annual vaccination and that took all of 15 minutes.  i had a mani/pedi appointment later in the morning so to waste some time, we went over to the park and justin walked ripley around while i fed landon. it was beautiful out. justin dropped me off at the salon for my mani/pedi (thanks parents-in-law! i'm finally using my gift card!) and i enjoyed every second of it. i've actually decided it will have to be a monthly recurrence. well, i'd like it to be, we'll see if that actually happens. c;

sunday entailed us getting up early with landon (again!) but this time it was for family fun! we got our first family photos taken. both katie and josh from Katie Shroy Photography are super nice and really easy to work with. we couldn't have asked for better photographers. we CAN'T wait for our pictures! they've been so busy lately that we may have to wait an entire month! they're just that good that everyone has to have them. c: we're okay with waiting; it'll be totally worth it.
after pictures, we went home and hung out for a bit. i was feeling really restless so we decided to see if fred, emily and hannah wanted to meet us at a park by their house for a bit. we met up over there and watched hannah go down the slide a hundred times. she was all smiles each time. c: too cute. landon just enjoyed being outside and being held by mom. (i'm perfectly content with that.) afterwards, j and i and landon walked around downtown for a nice leisurely stroll in the cooling weather.  it was gorgeous.

too bad the weekend had to end, eh?

here's some pictures, not necessarily of our weekend, but i had to post something.

the tree in our backyard!
(the tall grassy parts are where ripley pees. apparently, he is great fertilizer. if only he could pee over the ENTIRE yard.)

we hope you all had a great weekend too!

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