one week ago saturday, we packed up our little family (sans ripley) and headed up to enchanted forest.
we met our friends fred, emily and hannah there and boy! it sure left me feeling enchanted. c;

we got there late afternoon, so hannah could have her afternoon nap, and so we could bypass the saturday rush.
well, hannah had her nap, and there seemed to still be quite a few people there, but it was doable.

we strolled through the castle, visited hansel & gretel, walked through the crooked house, saw the dwarve's mine and climbed in the old witch's mouth. we passed on the shoe slide, seeing as how landon is still quite small, but hannah sure seemed to enjoy it. c:
we visited the old western town where fred dominated justin in a shooting game (c:) and watched hannah and emily ride on the train.
we made our way to the old (english, is it?) village and watched the water show set to music. landon took a little nap throughout but all in all, he did very well for a 5-month-old babe visiting his first theme park, if you can call it that.


  1. i think it was a very successful first date :)

  2. i love his haircut! such a grown up boy! ;) looks like you guys had fun!


thanks for the input!