fun purchase

a little bit ago, we bought a new camera.
a nikon d3100, to be exact.
i know what you're thinking.
that's expensive! BUT we got a REALLY good deal on it.
and we did need one.
you see, we have a FIVE month old son now.
it's imperative that we take good pictures.
our little 'point and shoot' wasn't doing the work desired.

now? justin's obsessed.
he's decided our loft is going to be sport themed.
and i'm actually okay with it.

he took this picture with our camera.
 he then changed it to look like this.

we have a couple of accent walls in our loft that are a burnt orange color.
justin is VERY excited to take close up pictures of baseball stuff and change the look of them with our camera.

i'm just happy i've convinced him to hang his basketball jerseys in the garage.
and his video game maps out there as well.

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