five months!

i'm having a hard time accepting the fact that my little boy is already five months old.
i also don't want to believe that he'll be crawling any day now. i'm not ready for him to be mobile.

no longer can i leave him alone on the floor. he rolls over immediately.
we bought him his high chair last weekend. i'm not quite sure what he thinks of it.
this week he's decided that he doesn't want to eat from a bottle anymore, nor does he want rice cereal.
we think it's because he's teething. he'll still breastfeed though, so i'm not too worried about it.
so, the high chair is kind of pointless for the time being.
he looks super cute in it though! (thanks mom and donny!)

his favorite thing to do right now is bang on the table.
or my face. or anything in front of him, really.
it's cute. loud, but cute. c:

he also loves to chew on anything.
but especially his own fingers.


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  1. As always, super cute pics of a super cute little man :) I have an alost EXACT picture of Hannah chewing on that toy in her saucer! They're destined to be together :)


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