weekend. (in short)

we have taken to going on walks in the evening, when it gets a little cooler out. this past weekend, we did just that. one walk saturday evening and two walks on sunday (one morning & one evening). not only did we (j & i) get good exercise out of it, ripley also seemed to enjoy it. landon didn't seem to care either way, as he was asleep each time. nonetheless, it was very refreshing.
we were also able to spend some time with one of j's friends who lives in seattle; we went to a nursery for some badly needed tree-shopping (where we decided on a pacific sunset maple); had dinner with j's family; saw the final harry potter (!!!) and spent some time with my family.
the weekend seemed to be packed full of things. now that we have a child and are forced to be up early with him, we now find more time in our days to get things done. we love it. c:

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  1. he's adorable!!
    the evening, when it's still light out, is my favourite time to walk as well :)



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