landon inspires me to take joy in the little things in life.

in the above pic, he is smiling and laughing at our pup, ripley.
ripley wasn't doing anything spectacular, or funny for that matter, but landon was still all giggles.
lately, in my life, i have struggled to remain happy.
sure, i have my good days and my bad days; my days have been more 'ho-hum' than anything.
'ho-hum' because i want to stay home with my son all day,
because i want to go on a vacation with my little family,
because i can't do either of those things.

and then i happen to check a blog (that i follow religiously) the other day
and i stumble upon this.
i am reminded that life is too short to be 'ho-hum' all the time.
i need to embrace life, hug my loved ones, and smile.

in rememberance of dear ruby jane,
hug your loved ones, kiss their cheeks, smile with them, and say a little prayer.
a prayer for those that have lost.
a prayer for those that will.
and a prayer for yourself, that God will help remind you every day how precious life is,
and how we are all on loan from Him, until He decides to take you back, however short (or long) that may be.
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  1. Love your post Lacey :) Thanks for the reminder....i've been feeling the same way lately. So easy to forget how many blessings God gives us daily....especially the small, yet oh so meaningful ones.

    ps - Landon is adorable (as if you didn't already know!) :)


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