we love landon's hair, have since he was born.
you see, he was born with a lot of it. a lot.
and i'm not kidding you.
most babies would kill for his hair (& when i say babies, i mean their parents).

here's some more proof of his gorgeous locks:

well, suffice it to say his hair was getting too long for it's own good.
it was in his eyes.
it was past his collar.
it was getting to be on the verge of 'girl hair'.
it had to go.

at first, he wasn't super happy with us.
i had to let him suck (chew) on my finger while sue was cutting it.
that made him content.
once she chopped off a bit in the front and i no longer had to hold his head still, he was a happy camper.
now, he can see again.
i'm sure he's very happy about it.

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