i realize it's been a while since i've posted anything other than pictures of landon. or ripley, for that matter.
so, here's a bit of info on our life lately.

- we have grass in our backyard. finally! justin's mowed it once and he plans on doing so again tomorrow. yeah, we're excited.
- i have started working again, full-time. it's difficult, but it's what needs to happen. for now.
- justin has a second job. he has joined the mental health on-call crisis team for the county. so, one weeknight every other week and one weekend every two months, he is given a pager. if he gets called, he gets to head over to one of the nearby emergency rooms, county jail or juvenile center to assess someone in need. did i mention it's from 5pm until 8am that he's on-call for? no? well, he is. c:
- he has also applied for a full-time day shift position for the crisis team. he has a second interview on monday. if he gets it, no more dinners alone for me! i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
- ripley has taken it upon himself to get attention from us by barking. at no apparent thing. it's really annoying. we'll take barking over aggression towards landon any day though.
- our favorites on so you think you can dance are melanie and marco.
- we watched the women's fifa world cup finals. and a lot of matches leading up to that. we are now soccer, excuse me, football fans.
- we really enjoy taking family walks in the evening.
- we spent the evening (tonight) with my dad, aunt susan, cousin chad and grandma goldie. we ate pizza and had fun chatting.
- we are planning on getting some family portraits taken in september by katie shroy photography. (!!!) we can't wait.
- i'm closing another scentsy party tomorrow. i'm so thankful that people order from me.
- we both can't wait to see harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2. i think we're the only harry potter fans left that haven't seen it yet.

i think that about sums us up for the past few weeks.
other than the fact that we LOVE being mommy and daddy to landon.
he is our entire world.
and we wouldn't have it any other way. c;

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