this weekend

this past weekend, i left landon with someone other than j for the first time.
he spent some good 'ole quality time with grandma tammy and grandpa donny.
j and i felt that we needed some time together so we went to dinner.
nothing fancy, just applebee's, but it was good practice for me for when i have to go back to work.
it was only a couple of hours, and it was hard for me, but it was good.
that was saturday.
that night, courtney and charlie came over for some games.
we played uno mod, rummikub and scrabble.
we played scrabble much too late at night. never will i do that again. c:

on sunday, j took ripley to his second day of dog obedience classes while i stayed at home with landon.
when j got back, we got the car packed up and took our little family to the beach!
i LOVE the beach and will go as often as i can.

we spent some time on the beach and then went to the outlet mall.
only a few hours were spent at the coast, but it was worth it.
we had a good time, just the four of us.

ripley LOVES the sand. someday, landon will too. hopefully.

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