i've become one of THOSE blogs..

i know, i know.
i've become the mom that only updates her blog with pictures of her child.
i don't care.
i love it.

landon has started smiling.
it's the best thing in the world.

i also don't care that i'm the type of mom that uploads pictures of her kid that are super blurry.
i don't care that i'm not super talented when it comes to picture taking.
all i care about is that he looks super happy in this picture and i love it.

here's some more that i love.

isn't he quite possibly THE cutest child in the world?
well, his dad and i think so.
we might be a tad bit biased though. just a tad.


  1. Love love love love love this!!

  2. LOVE it. I'm pretty sure all Mom's turn into this:)


thanks for the input!