pneumonia is a respiratory condition in which there is infection of the lung. at landon's 24-hour assessment, the docs thought that might be what he had. j and i never would have noticed, being new parents and all, but apparently he was breathing a lot faster than a newborn should. he was also flaring his nostrils, which is a sign that he was struggling. and because he was struggling to breathe, he wasn't able to breastfeed, which led to him not eating at all, which was bad.

so, they ordered some cbc tests done and when the results came back on those, it still wasn't clear if he had pneumonia for sure or if it was something else. they ordered a cat scan and that came back with a little bit of cloudiness showing in his lungs. that still wasn't enough for them to determine if pneumonia was the real cause. however, they did decide that he needed to be placed in the nicu. :c they didn't make it clear to me that he was going to the nicu to stay when they took him. j went with them, not telling me that he was going to be staying there with him for a while, so i was left in my hospital room, alone.

the pediatrician that was on-call came back into the room about thirty mintues later, catching me crying my eyes out. she comforted me as best she could and offered to wheel me down to the nicu, seeing as how i had no idea where it was located and i could barely walk from the pain i was dealing with. i thanked her but luckily my dad works at the hospital and was going to be stopping by the room after his shift ended, which was only a few minutes later. when he stopped in my room, he found my crying as well. i had to explain to him what was going on and because i am a daddy's girl, just having him talking to me and putting his arm around me made me feel much better.

he wheeled me down to the nicu shortly after and this is what we found:

 bathing under the heat lamp:
 the wires attached to him were to monitor his heart rate, his breaths per mintue and his oxygen level in his blood.
 he had to have a breathing tube attached, that had forced air not oxygen to help him breathe a little easier.
the doctors finally decided that he needed to be put on antibiotics, even though they weren't exactly 100% sure he had pneumonia. they determined that if he did have pneumonia and they didn't treat it now, it could get worse and that is NOT what they wanted to happen. so, landon was put on an antibiotic schedule of one at 11am and two at 11pm. they were inserted through an IV, which was luckily able to be put into his arm or foot instead of his head. after two excruciating, on our parts, nights of him being in the nicu overnight he was able to room in with us again. it was the best feeling in the world. then, j and i were moved into a parent room, because i was discharged and landon had to stay at the hospital to get his treatment. we were there for nine days total, which was okay. we saved money on diapers and wipes and didn't have to buy our own food the entire time we were there.

the maternity floor staff are amazing at good samaritan regional medical center. every single person (except for that one nurse) made our stay so comfortable and were so helpful. we couldn't have asked for better doctors and nurses for landon, or myself.

on thursday, april 21, justin, landon and i were allowed to go home. we couldn't have been happier. c:

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