28. that's the number of days that landon has been out of my belly. and i am just now getting around to posting about it? yes, i am. it's been a crazy 28 days and i have loved every minute of it.

it all started on 4.12.11 at 634am. i woke up and went to the bathroom. i noticed that i had a little bit of what i thought was my 'bloody show'. i went back to the bedroom  and told the hubs that i thought it was starting. he promptly went back to sleep since he thought i was handling it so well and i wasn't quite sure if it was really happening yet. after about 20 minutes of laying in bed feeling a tad bit crampy, i decided to take a shower. i figured that if this was really the real thing, i had better shower now while i still felt good instead of trying to do so during contracations. boy, was i glad i did.

after my shower, i was really feeling crampy. they still felt like bad period cramps and they were still continuous instead of coming and going, but they were starting to not feel so great. not much later they were really hurting me. and they were seven minutes apart. j finally came downstairs with me and started getting my stuff together for the hospital bag. the seven minutes apart lasted for about two hours. then, within 15 minutes, they were four minutes apart. j convinced me to call my ob's office and see what they suggested i do. the nurse asked me to come in and see the on-call doctor at 1030am. it was 915 at the time.

i started texting family and a few friends to let them know that we were going in at 1030 to get checked and if they admitted me, i'd let them know. that was the longest hour and fifteen minutes of my life. during that time, my contractions became unbearable. i felt like i was doing a really good job of focusing on my breathing and not tensing any muscles in my face or body and j confirmed that. he kept telling me what a great job i was doing. it was very comforting to me.

the drive to the hospital was hard. it was only about 10 minutes from our house, and j drove as fast as the speed limit allowed, but there were a lot of bumps and i had a much more difficult time not tensing my muscles. i still felt like i was calm in the face but i kept tightening my legs and arms in hopes of supporting myself in the car so as not to move in the seat at all. when we finally arrived at the hospital, i was having a really hard time walking. i had to stop at every contraction and bend over and just breathe. there was no walking while the contraction was happening. my doc wasn't on-call that day, so i saw another doctor that we had met previously in rotation. she checked me, in between contractions, and said i was fully effaced (which i knew from a previous appointment) and about three centimeters dilated. she told me to head over to hospital admitting and get checked in. we drove over there and the valet attendant was gracious enough to get me a wheelchair, thank goodness! j wheeled me into admitting and they immediately called up to the maternity ward and sent me up there.

the next hour entailed more contractions (gah!) and everything the nurses need to do to get me set up for an epidural (yes!). iv's and monitors were the norm and i didn't care at this point. i just wanted my pain to cease. and after the epidural, it mainly did. i wasn't nervous for the epidural and it didn't hurt at all. the nurses kept commenting on how well i was doing through my contractions, they weren't worried about me moving at all when the anesthesiologist put the needle in my back. once the epi was in place, my contractions slowly went away. i still felt a lot of pressure during each one, but no pain like i had been having. that lasted for about half of the labor.

15 hours in, the epi started to stop working. i still didn't have really bad cramping with the contractions but my back started to hurt, a lot. and my hips were in an intense amount of pain. no amount of pushing the epi button did anything for me like it was supposed to. so, for about 11 more hours i had major back and hip pain. then finally, it was time to start pushing.

of course, right then was the nurse shift change. i don't know if it was because something new was happening with pushing or if i was just at the end of my rope, but i did not like my new nurse. all of the other nurses were great, but she bothered me. she didn't seem to know what she was doing and that really irritated me. especially since this was my first delivery and i wanted someone to tell me exactly what to do. at one point, she left the room and came back with a book on pushing positions. that did not help me like her more. she kept telling me to not use my strength anywhere else in my body except where i was pushing, but then she would put me in positions where i would have to hold my entire body up with my arms and push. how do you expect me to not use any strength in my arms when i'm in that position? you can't.

after four hours of pushing, and a doctor change to MY doctor, they decided i needed a vaccuum extractor. he just wasn't staying down like he was supposed to with each push. so, not only was my epidural not working by this point to where i felt everything (which is exactly what i didn't want) but now i had to use the vaccuum. let me tell you, it doesn't feel good. it hurts. bad. i ended up tearing and bleeding more than most women normally do, but at 1003am on 4.13.11, he was here.

now you would think this would be a happy moment for us, but it was a scary moment. as soon as they put him on my chest, they took him away and the pediatric staff and respiratory staff were all there, huddled around him to where i couldn't see him. he wasn't crying, but i was. they finally gave him back to me and i was finally happy. that was short-lived. the nurse i didn't like took him back away from me. he was turning blue. luckily, everything turned out ok and he was put back in my arms.

landon drew horst thomas
10lbs 11oz
23 inches long

boy, he has already changed so much.
we couldn't be happier.

next post will be about his stay in the nicu and our stay at the hospital for nine days.

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  1. lacey. What a precious little boy! He's so cute and adorable!


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