week 38

i have now been pregnant for 38 weeks and four days! we are so close to meeting our son!

we had a doctor appointment yesterday and before we left she said: 'IF you are you still pregnant by next week. then we'll check your progress.' IF! she said if! i know, i know, i shouldn't get too excited since he could technically be born up to two weeks AFTER my due date but i can't help it. every day we keep hoping that i'll go into labor that night, or my water will break. it still hasn't happened, unfortunately. i've been having some contractions and each time i have one, i hope that it's the one where i just know i'm in labor.

so, if you're reading this, send some good thoughts of me going into labor my way. it would be greatly appreciated! c:


  1. yay!!!! can't wait to hear and i'm sending lots of good thoughts your way. take lots of walks and stay relaxed and well rested!

  2. awww you look beautiful in the picture! I love the baby bump :)


thanks for the input!