catch up

to catch you up on what we have been doing this past month:

childbirth preparation class is now over.
as you can probably tell, i am probably one of the biggest belly's in the class. and the women to my right were due before me.

my grandma turned 90! she's the one in the lime green top.
all of her children were able to make it out to Oregon for the celebration.
it was very special to her.

i made shoofly pie.
it was my last mix so i either need to order some or have my aunt bring me some.
yum! c:

we have our bag packed for the hospital.
landon's room is almost complete.
we have been doing mondo laundry in preparation for his arrival. c:
we bought the cutest books that we made copies of the pictures in to hang in landon's room.
if you haven't heard of 'the quiet book' i strongly urge you to find it.

the illustrations are adorable and we just love it. you can see some illustrations here or her blog here.
we also fell in love with 'the 108th sheep', which is the cutest story.

we can't wait to read these to landon. c:

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