i got the results back from my glucose test (and other blood tests) yesterday.  the result?  no gestational diabetes for me! c:

the OTHER result?  apparently, i am VERY low on iron. almost anemic low.  so, i get the pleasure of taking iron supplements in addition to my prenatals.  and, as i am told, this could be the very reason i have felt so crappy during this pregnancy.  here we thought that it was taking the iron that was making me sick (as my mom couldn't take any when she was pregnant) and come to find out, it's probably because i'm not taking enough!  grr. 

want to know something else?  i am in desperate need of a date night with my hubby.  valentine's day and my birthday can't come soon enough!

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  1. I feel your pain on the date night thing! AND I'm happy you don't have gestational diabetes!


thanks for the input!