over the weekend

this past weekend, this is what we did:

when we bought our house this past summer, our landlord gave us a housewarming gift. we just recently got the gift, which was a gift certificate for wall decals from uppercase living. we bought the above two decals for landon's room.
the moon is above his changing table and the giraffe is above his lightswitch, obviously.
the room's walls look a hideous shade of green but i assure you they are not. they are actually tan.

we also got some decals for the living room and the laundry room but have yet to place them.
it actually takes some muscle to get them on the walls.
muscle that i don't have at the moment. c;

oh, we also went shopping for some baby shower decorations and had dessert at sonic.
and my grandma bought me some more maternity shirts, since i am quickly outgrowing everything i own.

also, we went to breakfast with my dad. at korner kitchen.
it is perhaps the best diner to eat at for breakfast.
i had the double biscuits and gravy. and apple juice.
you can never go wrong with biscuits and gravy at korner kitchen. ever.

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