28 weeks

a few days ago marked the start of my 28th week of pregnancy.  which also means that i can no longer wear any of my rings, or half of my shoes.  and although this pregnancy has been especially difficult, for myself and my hubby, i am so grateful for the opportunity to carry this little one.  placing my hand on my belly and feeling him move is one of the most amazing experiences that i have had in my life thus far.  i still cannot believe that in 12 short weeks (fingers crossed!) we will be preparing to welcome this little bundle of joy into our arms. 

the other night, i took it upon myself to start organizing things. i guess the 'nesting' mode has started to hit me.  i emptied out two of my old dressers that were in the loft, one for me and one for landon, and put them in their respective places.  now, landon has a dresser in his closet, just like mommy and daddy.  we also bought some baskets for his changing table, which match the colors in his room perfectly.  now to just fill those baskets up with diapers, clothes, baby lotion, etc.

this is starting to feel very real.  not that it hasn't felt real since we found out we were expecting, but real in the fact that we start our childbirth preparation class in a few weeks and the baby shower is just around the corner.  and yesterday was my glucose test, which i was not looking forward to, in the least.  it wasn't as bad as people kept telling me.  it really just tasted like a very sweet sunkist drink, but flat.  it burnt my throat a bit and although i ended up feeling nauseous and my headache doubled afterwards, i am determined that since i have had a hard time in this pregnancy up until now, God can't possibly make me have gestational diabetes too, right?

all in all, this is probably the best week i have had in a while.  c:

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